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We utilise the services of tthe 'World's No 1 Web Host' - if you wish to check on the quality of our server provision and the security facilities please click below to check-out the 1&1 facilities

How to enter your dogs online. [ Frequently Asked Questions ] Please note that CID do not charge the exhibitor for processing entries or for registering their details. Where a Credit Card Merchant charge is added this is at the discretion of the Show Society:

The system allows you to complete an online form containing very similar details to those you would normally complete on the 'manual' entry form. 

We suggest that before you start your entry you refer to a printed schedule or look up the breed and class details noting them down so that you can then readily complete your entry form.

You can then proceed to the specific show entry form (follow the steps below) to enter your contact information, dog details and payment data - please do not leave this page other than by pressing the submit button. If you do leave this form page by using your browser buttons it will reset all values to empty.

Immediately after submitting you see the thank-you screen which you should print as a receipt and shortly afterwards you should receive a confirmatory email (this does not contain any entry details).  In order to ensure that you receive this communication please enter your email address most carefully (normal addresses will not include spaces and the @ symbol must be present in the correct position) and also check that your mail filters for spam etc will allow you to receive these emails.

You simply:-

  1. Select the show you wish to enter from those shows listed in the Show Index.;

  2. Use the button - 'Click here for the On-line entry form ....' for the specific show entry form (use the right hand index for schedule information for this show);

  3. Enter your personal details [if your browser (eg Internet Explorer) is set correctly these will be remembered];

  4. Enter full details (dog Name, Breed etc) for up to 5 dogs, typing in which class(es) each dog is to be entered in;

  5. Select as required car park, catalogue etc boxes.

  6. Enter your credit card details [our system is SSL secured at the point where form details are processed]. Please note that if the the card holder is not the owner/exhibitor &/or if the card address is not the owner/exhibitor address then these 'alternative' details must be completed. We regret that AMEX is not accepted. [Re credit cards also see note 10 below]

  7. Click on the submit button to store your entry on our secure server (see left for server details). This data will normally be accessed by our key staff within 1 working day. Credit Card details are not retained after we have processed your payment.

  8. When you have successfully submitted your entry you will see the 'Thank You' page confirming that your details have been submitted directly to our secure server where they are safely stored to be retrieved by the CID Office team. Print this page as a detailed receipt of the information processed by our server(File/Print in your browser).
    Please do NOT use your back button to repeat!
    It further states that you will shortly receive an automatic email confirmation - this will confirm the time and date of your transaction and should also be retained in case of subsequent query

  9. The time and date will be shown both on your detailed confirmation and on the email. Because our server is based in Germany there may be a time difference. CID will always translate 'German-time' into 'UK time'.

  10. When we enter your details for the show into our computer system we will detect any errors with your entry and contact you if necessary. It is important that you include with your online entry your daytime phone number and also an email address which you access regularly. All entries (on-line and postal) are processed in batches and credit cards are similarly processed through our Merchant System at the same time. Accordingly your credit card account may not be updated until your entry is actually entered into our Cataloguing System.

  11. Please enter your email address most carefully. While our system allows us to receive your form we cannot automatically check all typing errors. Our 'robot' will reply automatically only providing you have entered an entirely valid email address. Normally there are no spaces and the @ is the only permissible symbol. On occasions our automatic email reply will be rejected by your mail server because your 'spam filters' are set to exclude all but recognised addresses - either lower your spam filtering to a 'medium' level or add cidweb.co.uk to your list of 'friends'.

Merchant accounts

A merchant account is an agreement with a merchant account provider, sometimes called a merchant service provider, required to conduct credit card-based transactions. With our merchant account, CID (acting on behalf of the Show Society) agrees to honour certain obligations and the merchant account provider agrees to coordinate the transfer of monetary funds through the financial process.

Merchant accounts typically require costs for the service overall and for the processing of each transaction. Costs  include application, set-up and monthly fees,  transaction fee (typically 4% overall) and  chargeback fees in instances of consumer-disputed charges. CID pass on their itemised charges to the Show Society. The Show Society may then decide to absorb these fees in their overall entry charges or may pass on these fees either as a percentage of the total entry fee or as a flat rate amount for the transaction.

Due to very high transaction costs we do not accept American Express.       


When you submit the form you will notice that the Address displayed is https, the 's' indicating a secure server. Click on the locked padlock icon (bottom right on your browser) to confirm secure server details. 

When you submit your order a 'Security Alert' should  be displayed  (if not please check your Browser settings) confirming that you are in a security zone.  You will then be taken to our 'Thank You' page which summarises 'what happens next'. When you exit that page there will be a confirmation that you are leaving the secure zone.

Your details are stored securely and can only be accessed by our key staff.