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In the Dog World issue following the Three Counties Show there was an adverse report relating to both our online and results systems. Their interpretation of the facts was partial, based on very limited anecdotal evidence and the presumptions of DW staff. Below is a factual account. Followed by our objectives and raison d’etre as we see it.

Our results system is specifically designed to work in two stages. In order to prioritise the ‘official results’ and ensure the early availability of judge report data and marked-up catalogues only 1st to 3rd + CC/BOB etc are entered and processed initially. This first phase is also posted to the internet results system. At no stage in processing Three Counties Show was this part of the system other than timely and accurate. The second stage, designed to append Res & VHC placings plus class entry statistics, normally takes place later in the day when the first phase is substantially underway. In order to allow the ‘official results’ processing to continue unhindered the second stage is entered on a separate laptop computer. At Three Counties we made a simple mistake in setting up on this separate laptop one of the several files used to convert ring numbers to owner/dog details and this resulted in some incorrect data. This only applied to some breeds in the Gundog group and unfortunately the Reserve & VHC data for five or six breeds was posted incorrectly – we emphasise that at no time did this affect the 1st to 3rd / Breed results. We discovered the issue later in the afternoon, resolved the problem, re-entered the data and posted the corrected files to the website that evening. We apologise to anyone who was misinformed.

 Our Online Entry system is designed to be secure, accurate and user-friendly (in that order of priority). Some 2346 exhibitors successfully entered 3676 dogs using the online system – more than 53% of the total dogs entered; we must presume that these 2346 used our system with little or no difficulty. We are contacted by a few people for every show who are experiencing difficulties using the system but we talk them through the process while they are on-line and they invariably achieve a successful outcome. We have chosen not to process credit cards automatically (in order to keep the cost to a minimum) and our office previews entry data so that we can liaise directly with exhibitors when issues arise from entry or credit card validity. Our entry system is available to all and we do not charge a registration fee. Unlike our larger rivals we charge neither the exhibitor nor the society for changes made to data submitted either by traditional methods or online. It is in the interest of dog show societies in these financially hard days that they capture as many dog entries as possible. To this end we hoover up many late entries taking them by either email, or fax in conjunction with the society secretaries.

We have been producing dog show catalogues, for 28 years and have always striven to produce quality accurate publications whilst endeavouring to ensure that our clients at least break even on their printing costs and indeed in the majority of cases make a profit. We have also developed several personalised products which are designed to assist societies to generate funds such as to calendars, christmas cards, and note lets. We have also recently converted entirely to digital printing in order to maintain our low cost base enabling us to print news letters, and year books at very competitive prices.

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